Day 1 Vaison to Le Crestet – Provance

Start: Vaison-la-Romaine

End: Vaison-la-Romaine via Le Crestet

Distance: 11 km

Time: 4hrs

Grade: Easy

This walk starts from our hotel in the old Roman town of Vaison-la-Romaine. The cobbled stone roads wind through some truely beautiful ancient buildings with so much character. Vines drape over walls and potted plants hang from windows throughout.

At the edge of the old town, after passing a bridge built by the Romans and still in full use today, the well marked trail takes you away from the town along graded dirt roads dotted with some magnificent regional properties. Pools, vineyards and the occasional farm animals are seen along the way.

After 6kms you come to the town of Le Crestet, with an old monestary on the ridge where you’ll find a fantastic cafe on the side of the hill, looking over the valley and for the keen cyclist among us, the peak of Monte Ventoux beckons.

Stopping for lunch here is a must. We met a number of walkers and cyclist with the same idea and enjoyed a well earned cold drink and a delicious salad whilst soaking in all that is Provance.

After lunch take the same path back to town and take in Vaison-la-Romaine from another perspective. It really is something special.

If you have time, perhaps after a dip in the hotel pool, cross the Roman bridge and head into the new town. It maybe new but it’s still old with a wonderful square in the middle where we were lucky enough to catch market day. Some of the art on sale was of a very high standard and we regret not making one purchase in particular.


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