Bluff Point – Yeppoon

Start: Bluff Point carpark

End: Bluff Point carpark

Distance: 2.3 km

Time: 45 minutes

Grade: Easy/Moderate

Starting at the Bluff Point Carpark, this 2.3 km loop walk took us along a very well constructed and maintained trail around and up Bluff Point.

There are numerous lookouts along the way with spectacular views, in particular at the summit. From here, looking north, we were greeted with coastal views to Fan Rock, Yeppoon Harbour and Yeppoon Village. Looking south we could see Emu Park and beyond. But most spectacular of all were the views outward to North Kepple and Great Kepple islands. The bluest of blue seas are really something to behold and I’m told if you’re lucky you will see whales at this time of year, no such luck for us today though.

On the way down from the summit there is another lookout where we struck some luck and spotted eight sea turtles bobbing about below. They must be fairly large as they were easily seen from our position high up the Bluff.

The trail takes you through typical southern tropical forests of paper bark gums with rocky out crops and some great examples of mother natures forces in determining the shape of the landscape.

The birdlife is abundant, I’m no bird buff so I won’t try and name them all, but the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos were definitely active in the trees above.

Along the trail we came across a large goanna that scurried up a tree as we approached, amazing to see the huge claws on this thing!

This is one of a couple of great short walks in the Yeppoon region, be sure to also check out Fan Rock when in the area. It’s only 700m from the car park located near the Yeppoon harbour. A very interesting rock formation, in the shape of… you guessed it, a fan.

Great Kepple Island- From Bluff Point Summit
Goanna up a tree
Fan Rock

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