Four Mile Beach – Port Douglas

Start: Tropical Breeze Tourist Park

End: Tropical Breeze Tourist Park

Distance: 8km (out and back)

Time: 1 hr 30 minutes

Grade: Easy

At the rear of Tropical Breeze Tourist Park, there is a gate creating shortcut access to Four Mile Beach. From here we headed east until we hit the surf club’s “Surfy Cafe”. It is worth a stop for breakfast, although the coffee was very average.

Once fueled up, we walked down to the beach and then south as the name suggests for about 4 miles, we actually think it’s more like 4 km but who are we to argue.

The beach is wonderful, flat and firm when the tide is out and the water about 24C, so very nice to dip your feet in. Not keen on swimming in this area personally, as it is well and truly crocodile country. There is a patrolled beach section at the town end where it is apparently safe to swim…i’m not convinced.

Coconut palms line the beach all the way along and provide some needed shade in the afternoons. Having said this, during our time in Port Douglas, the beach was very windy after 11am. The early mornings, however, were picture-perfect, idyllic calm seas lapping at the beach, bright blue skies and not a breath of wind. Spring in Nth QLD is proving to be pretty nice.

We walked past the 4 Mile marker where there are public amenities, picnic tables and BBQ’s and turned the corner, from here the beach does continue for quite some distance but turns to mangroves, which don’t make for very pleasant walking so we returned the way we came.

A very pleasant and easy walk, accessible to most. Make it an early start as the sun rises and you are likely to miss the wind and experience this tropical beach at its best.

The beautiful coconut palm fringed 4 Mile Beach
Great spot for a morning jog
4 Mile Marker

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